Kathson Wooden Birdhouses nest Naturals Cedar Outdoors Hanging Garden Patio Decorative for Dove/Finch/Wren/Robin/cedarand/Sparrow Small Animal/Hummingbird/Throstle/Tit,Lark etc

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Size:Bird house
This Gardirect Shelter and breeding birdhouse is made of 100% tree bark (weather resistant and insect-repelling),It can provide home to various small birds looking for a safe shelter to set up housekeeping. Bird houses for outside hanging Features a Dutch Style roof and a rope. Size: 6.29”W x 6.88”D x 5.9”H and has a 2”wide hole for bird entry and little stick can Rest A nice little birdhouse and A wonderful gift for lovers or nature enthusiasts. cute and functional, Bird have a home and you will have fun.let’s make a bird lover’s dream come true. IF you are finding an exclusive birdhouse,Congratulations,YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

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