Magic Stone Grill Cleaner - 2 Pack

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Size: kathson 2 Pack
1. Are you still worried about how to clean the grill?
Don't be afraid to get your grill on this summer because the kathson Magic Stone Grill Cleaner makes swift and easy clean up the black residue that a grill scraper will not get off. Nobody wants to spend time slaving over a hot grill and then have to come back later to clean off stuck-on grime and grease.You will see truly a kitchen grill’s best friend!
2. Can it be used on a grill with cast iron/stainless steel /steel finish?
YES,it is safe on porcelain enamel, cast iron, stainless steel and steel and particularly from flat-top griddles, grills, oven trays, and other kitchen or cooking utensils made of iron or steel.
3. Why use pumice stones for cleaning instead of a wire brush, steel wool or other grill cleaning supplies?
Our grill cleaning stones are made from naturally non-toxic pumice and do not contain any harmful or flammable chemicals, so they're safe to use on hot grill surfaces. The grill cleaning stone also won't leave behind any metal splinters or bristles that could harm your guests. Even if some black stone dust gets into food, you can rest assured that it's non-toxic!
4. I've never used a grill brick cleaner - how does it work?
Put down a layer of oil on the grill, apply the flat surface of the cleaning brick to the grill with light pressure to remove residue, and rinse the surface with a little water before cooking to rinse off any black stone dust that maybe present.
The same great for Commercial Restaurant Grills.
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